IPL Treatment for dry eyes

Bringing new hope to sufferers of Dry Eye syndrome, IPL Treatment (Intense Pulsed Light) is now available at Charlestown Eyecare.

Dry Eye syndrome is an irritating condition, ranging from general eye discomfort to severe inflammation of the upper eyelid. It is aggravated by our modern life with many factors contributing to Dry Eyes: artificial lighting, screen work, air conditioning, pollution and even contact lenses.
Previously, there was no cure for Dry Eyes, only symptomatic treatments like eye drops, artificial tears, steam glasses or manual stimulation of the Meibomian glands.

After IPL treatment, immediate improvement is usually seen and, in as few as three sessions, substantial results can be obtained to reduce the effect of dry eyes*. Symptoms are reduced and the health and moisture of the eyes is restored, bringing comfort and relief from this painful condition for the longer term.

As a rapid, effective and affordable alternative to previous treatments, IPL uses pulsating waves of light to stimulate the malfunctioning Meibomian glands of the eye. It is these glands that, when healthy, secrete the external lipid layer of the lacrimal film that provides lubrication of the eye’s surface and prevents evaporation of the tear film.

Source: Studies by E-Swin https://www.e-swin.com/medical-research/meibomian-blepharitis/

What does IPL treatment involve?
With the patient seated in a reclining chair, eye goggles are worn to protect the eyes. The eye area is cleaned and a protective gel applied to the skin below the eyes. Five flashes of light are applied under the lower eyelid on each eye. The process only takes a few minutes to complete.

Is it safe?
IPL has been used in the cosmetic industry for 20 years, and the light flashed in the Dry Eye treatment is at less than half the strength than that used in, for example, pigmentation treatment. There is no risk of skin cancer from IPL because the light is filtered to ensure it is well outside dangerous limits. The treatment is not suitable for pregnant women.

Free Dry Evaluation
IPL treatment is suitable for most Dry Eye sufferers, however, Charlestown Eyecare offer a Free Dry Eye Evaluation to assess your condition and plan a personalised treatment program at no obligation. This consultation will confirm the best course of action to bring relief from your symptoms and will include the use of IPL and other treatments where appropriate.